Take another look at your debt portfolio!

Thanks to the payment predictions provided by AI and specific risk and customer profiling algorithms, our solution enables you to regularly assess the health of your receivables portfolio and identify actions to be taken in the short and medium-term.
The actions can be related to the customer relationships as well as the collection or cash strategy. We calculate a set of financial indicators and predictions that we integrate into the different components of the solution.

Our solution

Our various components can be used independently. Together, they provide an integrated solution that will help you in your daily decisions and actions.


You will be able to distinguish the different payment habits of your customers aswell as their variations over time in the medium and short-term in ourdashboard.
Customers at risk are highlighted and classified according to different typologies. You will also find a table presenting the predicted customer incoming payments aswell as their deviation from the forecasts. A drill-down provides detailed information down to the lowest granular level.


Always be aware of events requiring immediate attention
The alert system has deliberately been centralized in order to facilitate its management while allowing for decentralized use by function, user or component. The alert system relies on all the data available in our solution. It is also designed to include external data from various sources such as rating agencies for example. The history of alerts is maintained in order to be able to follow its evolution over time and to measure the global evolution of the customer portfolio.

Simulations and strategy

Define the recovery objectives and simulate the different possible strategies in orderto obtain an optimum result.
You can define different objective types for the current period. These can be amounts to be recovered, losses to be limited, or optimization of other financial indicators, for example. Once determined, the objectives can then be brokendown by different organizations or people. Simulate different collection strategies and immediately measure the impact on the objectives set.

Priority management

Focus your efforts and those of your team where the impact will be most aligned withthe strategy pursued.
Optimizing the efforts of your employees in debt collection is undoubtedly one of your priorities, it is also ours. A customer is late in paying, does something really need to be done? What is the probability that the case will be resolved without intervention? Whatever collection strategy you choose, which customer should you start with and why? What impact will the action taken have on the objectives set? These are the questions our solution has the answers to.

Next Best Actions

Automate the proposal of actions according to the customer context
Once the work priorities have been determined, with our rule-based engine, you can decide to configure a set of default actions for the user in charge ofrecovery. The actions are directly determined according to the customers’payment and risk characteristics and the customers’ business context and the nature of their relationship with your company.


Identify customers or customer groups with atypical behavior and compare them with datafrom a given market segment.
You want to be able to compare the payment habits or risk of your customers according tovarious segmentations (geography, products or services consumed, other). Define the keys for which the payment and risk analyses are to be performed and our application will then use them for any new calculations and analyses. We can also isolate customers whose payment behavior is atypical for the segments considered.

The many advantages of our solution

From a business point of view, you benefit from a better view of your receivables portfolio. You can better prioritize the actions to be taken in order to collect the receivables in the efficient way.

The indicators calculated on the basis of predictive data allow you to liven up your debt collection management and to intervene earlier with your customers.

From the user's point of view, our solution is quick to implement, easy to use,accessible online and with easy integration with back office applications for immediate operational results.

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