Reduce bad debts and optimize your cash flow with a customer management strategy supported by predictive Artificial Intelligence.

  • Do you lack visibility on the credit risk of your receivables?
  • Is the reduction of bad debts a strategic issue for your company?
  • Do you want to optimize your collection activities?
  • Could your cash flow situation be put at risk by payment defaults?
Our solution

Based on specific algorithms coupled with Artificial Intelligence, our solution allows you to regularly evaluate your receivables portfolio.

You will be able to distinguish the different payment habits of your customers as well as their variations over time in the medium and short term. High-risk clients are identified and classified according to different classifications.

Our solution allows you to reduce the risk of debt write-offs and improve your cash management through predictive analysis.

You will be able to better understand and anticipate your customers' payment behaviour and the risk of default on outstanding payments. Your decision making for the management of your receivables portfolio can therefore be optimized. Its management will become much more dynamic. You will be ready for a proactive approach to collection and will be able to measure the impact of your decisions on the evolution of your cash flow / receivables portfolio.

Our solution calculates and logs a set of risk and performance indicators.

In addition to the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and the average payment time, our solution provides specific indicators such as a payment profile or a level of risk related to outstanding receivables. Our solution also makes it possible to assess the risk of default of each invoice in accordance with the new IFRS9 standards.

These indicators are presented in the form of dashboards or reports intended for both operational teams and management.

There are many benefits of our solution.

From a business perspective, you get a better view of your receivables portfolio. You can better prioritize the actions to be taken in order to collect receivables as efficiently as possible. Indicators calculated on the basis of predictive data allow you to boost your collection management and to intervene earlier with your customers.  

From the user's point of view, our solution is simple to use, accessible online and without complex integration with back office applications. In addition, the results are provided in Microsoft Excel-compatible formats, making it the ideal tool for the receivables manager.
Our approach

Trial Period

We assess the situation of your portfolio for a limited number of clients. You discover our method and test it. There is no commitment on your part.

Evaluation of your full customer portfolio

You see value in our solution and want to apply it to your entire portfolio in order to obtain an accurate view of your clients' risk profiles.

Continuous evolution of your customer portfolio

Our analysis has proven value for your business and it has led to improved collection methodology. You therefore want to refine the analysis to make your systems even more effective.

Tailor-made advice

You want to improve your business processes, measure the potential of the data available in your company and build a transformation plan.

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