Anticipate your customers' payment issues and prioritize your collection efforts with Artificial Intelligence!

With our unique cloud solution, focus your efforts on the right priorities and improve the operational efficiency of your teams by 20%, reduce unpaid invoices by 30% and increase cash flow accuracy by 20%.
Our Solution

Based on our algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, our cloud solution allows you to assess the health of your debt portfolio in real time.

The payment and risk predictions from our solution help you take the right decision and set the right priorities for the short and medium term. They are also used as a starting point for our simulation tools to determine the collection strategy most aligned with your objectives for that period.
    Assess the risk of your receivables portfolio and identify the real payment issues

    Always be aware of events requiring immediate attention

    the collection objectives and simulate the different possible strategies in order to obtain an optimum result.

    Automate the proposal of actions according to the customer context.

    Focus your efforts
    and those of your team on  the most impactful actions aligned with the strategy pursued.

    Isolate customers or customer groups with atypical behavior and compare them to data from a given market segment.

Our approach

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First meeting

Would you like to improve the performance of your collection department, make your collection processes more proactive and avoid losses due to delinquent payers? Let's meet and discuss your ambition. We will present our solution to you.

Proof of Concept

You are interested in our solution, you want to proceed and challenge us? Let's agree on a set of data to be processed by our application and evaluate the situation of your receivables portfolio in part or in full. You discover your data in our application and can then compare our predictions with your reality. There is no commitment on your part required.

Fast implementation

You have appreciated the relevance of our analysis and are convinced by the benefits of our solution? We provide you with the necessary assistance for its implementation. We want it to be fast and efficient. Get into production in less than a month!

Tailor-made advice

Do you want to improve your business processes, measure the potential related to the data available in your company or build a transformation plan? We are ready to support you.

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Our team

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence and coming from different backgrounds, we have put our 40 years of accumulated experience to the benefit of companies seeking optimization and innovation. The values we share and offer are customer satisfaction, proactivity, creativity and continuous learning.

Edouard Beauvois
For me, working closely with my clients is one of the keys to the success of any project. I have more than 20 years of experience in finance, marketing and communication as well as IT in Belgium and abroad, and have held various positions at Atos, SAP, C&W and Sopra Banking Software.

Nicolas Mertens
Passionate about Information Technology for almost 20 years, I started my career by working on several integration and migration projects in the banking industry, working on a broad spread of client roles.  Following this I had a very enriching experience within the HR department of C&W and Sopra Banking Software for 6 years.

Cédric Bingen
(front end developer)
As a former cook I'm passionate about well cooked, refined, beautifully presented and well thought dishes. As a front-end developer, I would like to bring the same level of precision and details in the realization of our user interface to make it your best experience ever.

Tanguy De Bels
(Data Scientist)
My vision of work is a mix of challenges and learning. I consider agility and change to be key elements. During my computer training, I chose to specialize in AI and machine learning.